Speakers for Dawn

The name of a religion and cult native to the island of Gloom.  5 years ago, Queen Annalise elevated their position from a royal cult to the state religion of Gloomlight and the royal house.  In recompense, she has gained access and expanded the former elite temple-guard of the Speakers, the Tireless.


The Speakers gospel is one of a foretold reckoning and the promise of a golden afterlife for the worthy. They reject the teachings of reincarnation and elevate one god, the Sun, above all others. If a mortal dedicates their life to service and follows the tenets of Dawn, they will be allowed to fight alongside their patron in the  final battle. If they should win this battle, they will earn a place amongst his chosen in the Divine Gardens, for themselves and their loved one.

The gospel teaches that the Sun is served by three champions:

The Herald, whose clarion call will signal the Reckoning at dusk of the last day, and who will bear the Sun's banner into battle
The Prophet, whose task it is to prepare the true believers for the final battle.
The Son, chosen and favourite of the Sun, who will lead the Grand Host in his God's name.

The Speakers prophesies that the army they will face in the final battle is a nightmarish host of Demons, Vile Spirits, Tyrants and other foul creatures of darkness, leading an army of unbelievers and other traitors. In their sermons, they will also fulminate on three agents of Darkness:

The Beast, a vile creature who has stolen the guise of believers and walks among them, spreading dissent and unleashing his vile kin upon them.
The Tyrant, an oppressor from beyond, who has come to turn the non-believers against them, and who will be one of the commanders of the Vile Host.
The Heretic, a false idol who has stolen the radiance of the Sun and seeks to lead the believers astray.

To be a good believer, the Speakers hold up three major tenets, in addition to the numerous local rulings and customs:
1. Serve the Temple and its Speakers in mind and body
2. Fight the vile forces wherever and in any way possible
3. Provide Aid to those in of lesser fortune, for mercy spreads the Sun's word

Organization and look

The Speakers of Dawn conform to a hierarchical organization, with the First Speaker as the final authority. They are organized into geogrpahical Temples, with the head of each Temple reporting to the Cathedral, the main Temple of Gloomlight. The priests are called Speakers, and every follower is a Believer. Each Speaker also maintains a rank in the hierarchy and their responsibilities rise in direct conjunction with their rank.

In addition to their Priests, the Speakers are also responsible for providing the recruits for the Tireless legions of Gloomlight, often drawing from the ranks of their Believers.

The Speakers are often clothed in a single garb, with the main colour representing their temple. These robes are adorned with golden embroidery of sun-motifs and scenes from their holy texts. The more complex and dense the pattern, the higher the rank of the Speaker in question.

Speakers for Dawn

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