Exalted: The Sun Rises From The Ash

Preperation - Session 3
Aftermath - Time skip actions - Objectives

Session 2 – Aftermath 

Kyrad intimacy changes

  • William's enduring refusal to swear not to betray me proved he is not the trusty ally that I thought him to be

    • Delete Minor: "William is a valuable and trustworthy quartermaster" 
  • William became increasingly hard headed when discussing our predicament. Even more, he was outright defiant when facing not 1, not 2,  but apparently 3 anathema.

    • New Minor: "The man posing as William/Greywyn/Lady Naneen is a great potential threat" (distrust)
  • Candy revealed her true nature

    • New Minor: "She could be invaluable in establishing the alliance necessary to overcome the impending doom" (potential)

Greywyn  intimacy changes

  • After severely damaging the Ash guild’s operations in Ash, and unleashing a manhunt for me. There is more than a little bad blood between me and it/him/her. But since I have given my word to aid the imposter, I will do so

    • New Minor: “Complete and utter distrust of the creature posing as William, Naneen, Me and who knows who else” (distrust)
    • New Minor: “I will help him remove the commander in return for making him shut up about the dagger” (compromise)
  • Kyrad did not betray me when the Wyld hunt came knocking on his door, and he does not appear to be a friend of this William thingy

    • New Minor: “Kyrad is someone who can be trusted” (trust)
  • Candy was very dismissive when I first approached her, but after talking to her on Kyrad’s ship I decided not to take offense. She also turned out to be a fellow anathema and should be kept on eye on

    • New Minor: “Candy appears to be an influential political player” (potential)

Greywyn & Kyrad – Proposed actions during time skip

  • After the encounter with Mask and Candy they had a good long talk

    • Kyrad wanted to know what Greywyn had been up to and also inform him about his plans for the future (specifically for the White Robes of Benevolence and the impending doom that haunts his every waking moment)
    • They both distrusted Mask and the potential complications he could have on both their endeavours, while at the same time appreciating the enormous potential of his capabilities.

      • They agreed upon references to their shared past and several code words (which they were intend on sharing with Candy)
    • Candy had also revealed herself as an Anathema. But her intentions were not yet clear. They both agreed that more information about those two power players was required,
    • At which point Greywyn revealed his successful translation of one of the ancient books Kyrad brought back for him from the library on the Island a couple months back.  

      • His artefact was a direct pathway to Kyrad’s manse, a hub of information. [Portal room is directly underneath the central plaza, more info will follow]
    • Kyrad eventually agreed to pass through the portal to consult his library based on key words in old realm provided by Greywyn. (as well as Candy’s cast symbol). They agreed upon a 24u timeline after which Greywyn would re-open the portal.
  • Kyrad returned with several ancient manuscripts [Focussed on cast signs / dagger ], after which they both spend several days researching/reading.

    • Ref. Kyrad learns old realm (3 solar XP)  
    • Ref. Greywyn increases his lore

PLAN: Meet with Candy to discuss mask and potential further collaboration

  • More information on the Cabals organization
  • More information on the local commander he apparently has to kill
  • Find more personal followers


  • Get allied with Candy
  • Find recruits for The White Robes of Benevolence
  • Receive and study the copy of Spiral Codex he will receive from Library Brothel


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