Politics and social energy

Wanderlust has always had a pretty lively political landscape. Officially, an elected mayor, who served for 10 years, holds both legislative and executive power over the city. Unofficially, the noble houses held all actual power and the mayor was only a figurehead. That all changed when the Realm invaded, with the birth of the Freehold. With the council being housed on Wanderlust, the politics of the Freehold soon became the politics of the citizens of Wanderlust.

Inhabitants of Wanderlust are usually the curious and enterprising sort. Restless and ill-suited to a stable, peaceful way of life, most of citizens are constantly in motion, aiming to achieves their personal goals and wants. Married to this drive is a jovial, welcoming demeanor, a culture that provides travelers with hospitality, for they know it might as well be them the next time a door is knocked in search of bed and sustenance.

Layout and look

The city of Wanderlust rest atop the back of the great beast Anduinn, who swims along the Infinity Cycle. Wanderlust is a true city of seafarers,  and is laid out in three concentric bands. The outermost band, known as the Outer Shell is home to various piers, beaches, landing areas and repair docks.  The Outer Shell also houses most of the manufacturing business in Wanderlust, but it is not the heart of its commerce. In the middle, the Green Belt is home to most houses, estates and manors. It derives it's name from the large number of small parks and avenues lined with greenery. The Center band, or circle, was renamed five years to Freehold Square. It is the commercial and political center of the city.

The architecture of Wanderlust is singular in its design, owing due to the unique circumstances of building upon the shell of a great beast. Without ground to dig in, the people of wanderlust had to dig up. Taking inspiration form the rigging of great seafaring vessels, and the Spires that dot the bay, the buildings of Wanderlust stand as tall monuments of stone, held together with a complex latticework of rope and wooden beams.

Economy and military

Wanderlust has no official military, although many of its noble houses maintain a personal force, and both the Conservator Cabal and the School of a Thousand Blades are not above flexing a little muscle. Since the arrival of the Realm and the Fall of Glimmerbay, the city now houses a constant garrision of the Free Force, as well as a sizeable fleet of warships.

The economy of Wanderlust is built upon one thing: trading. The stable path and size of Great Anduinn makes the bulk transport of non-perishables such as ore and textiles a profitable business. Some of the wealthier merchants can even afford to have their warehouses enscorcerelled, allowing them to deal in grain and rice without it spoiling.

Locations of interest

Freehold Square

DeSanto Estate


Bay History Museum