The Realm

The Realm and The Bay

The Realm is a relative newcomer to the political landscape of The Bay of Forgotten Ash, and not a particularly welcome one. The came as conquerors brandishing blade, fire and holy text, with nothing but disdain for those they regarded as barbarians. And all were considered savages when compared to the Dynasts. At first, they made great strides in their conquest, but were ultimately stalled in their war due to tragic circumstances and the founding of the Freehold.

Currently, a uneasy and fragile peace treaty between the Realm and the cities of Gloomlight and Wanderlust ensures that trade, communication and travel across the bay is possible. These past years have been spent fortifying it's position in the area and spreading the Immaculate religion.

However, rumours of the Empress' disappearance have stirred the local dynasts into action, and the Satrap is once again re-arming his legions.

Holdings of the Realm

Their nexus of power and influence of the Realm in the bay is the conquered city of Glimmerbay. Once the pride of the region, the city was nearly burned to the ground during the siege that led to it's downfall. Rebuild as a fortress, it is now the staging point for all Realm operations.

Additional important places of realm influence are:
Dragonscale, 2nd largest legion garrison in the bay.
Dragonspire, one of the mysterious Spires of the region, taken for the Throne
Shepherds Cove, A minor city that voluntarely pledged themselves to the Realm at the start of the conquest

Faces of the Realm

Sesus Jin, the satrap
The Abbess of the Immaculates
Sesus Novia, Winglord
Tepet Vidanya, Dragonlord
Sesus Lai, Dragonlord

Strength of the Realm

While an accurate count is near impossible, the Realms military strength in this region is theorized to be somewhere at around 2 legions, spread over its various holdings. The losses of the two original invading legions have been slowly replenished with local levies over the years of peace. The largest concentrations of forces are found in Glimmerbay and Dragonscale. The Legions are well-equipped in terms of arms and armours for such a remote region, thanks to the abundant mineral resources found here, and do not want for mounts nor siege equipment.

In addition to the legionnaires, Sesus Jin also commands a sizeable navy. Most of his fleet is composed of transports and the ubiquitous sleek raider-class ships of te bay. While the Realm cannot match the  Freehold in numbers of true warships, the score they do have are armed with powerful implosion bows and lightning ballistae. Treasured in the fleet are the two remaining airships, the fast Realmstrider and the magnificent Herald of Conquest.

The Realms Ambition

It is no secret the Satrap has not relented on his ambition to conquer the entire Bay in the name of the empress. Nor is it a secret that the Immaculates are itching to show the heretical locals the correct ways of faith and belief. Beyond those beliefs, the Realms seems content to live and let live, as long as proper tithe and deference is paid and shown. Rumours of treasure hunting in the ruins dotting the bay, as well as several archeological expeditions to the mysterious spires have been adamantly denied.