The Hunters

The Hunters of Gloomlight is the name given by the common people to a loose collection of individuals that operate on the Isle of Gloom. Depending on who you talk to, they are either described as grim hunters that stalk the dangerous wildlife and protect the villages and communities from them, or vile seditionists that seek to reduce the nation of Gloomlight to a state of anarchy through sabotage and assassination.

They're actively hunted by the Ashwreaths, who see them as a threat to their rule. However, rumours that there are ties between these men and women and the  archives persists, despite official denial.

On their hunt, they eschew armour in favour of loose clothing, dancing around their quarry, using flamepieces, firewands, chains and whips to harry and draw blood, before closing in for the kill with heavier weapons, often combined or transformed from their lighter arms. They rarely operate in groups composed of more than 3 hunters