The Freehold

The Freehold and The Bay

While the Freehold is but a hatchling in the grander scheme of the Bay's history, it is composed of entities and organisations whose history, culture and traditions run deep in the area. Formed during the fall of Glimmerbay as a desperate gambit to stop the ruthless advance of the Dynasts, this uneasy alliance has persisted till now due to the persisiting threat of the Satrap's ambition and the momentous diplomatic efforts of the DeSanto house.

With the lull in hostilities, old rivalries and internal competition have flared again, with some even daring to start up trade with the Realm and Glimmerbay rebuild. While some elements of the Freehold have made peaceful overtures, the majority if its members are still firmly opposed to the Realm occupation of Glimmerbay, and are watching the Satrap's recent military escalations with suspicion in mind.

Internal Structure of the Freehold

The Freehold is a loose collection of merchants, nobles, pirates, academics and more, united in their distrust of the Realm and divided on nearly everything else.

The Freehold is governed by the Council of the Free Voices and holds authority on most military matters as well as all seaborne travel in the bay. Each participant in the Freehold is awarded a number of council based on their military contribution, be it soldiers, ships or resources.

Based on their contributions, the most prominent blocks in the Council are formed around the representatives of the cities of Wanderlust and Gloomlight and their respective vassals.

Members of the Freehold

The city of Gloomlight, ruled by the royal House Ashwreath is the responsible for supplying most of the military strength of the Freehold.  The Ashwreaths harbor a long tradition of admiralty and naval competence, and its scions and retainers are the most numerous amongst the officers of the Free Force.

In addition to the martial resources, Gloomlight also provides the services of the Grand Twilight Archives and it's Librarians, a true treasure hoard of occult and sorcerous knowledge.

The main vassals of Gloomlight are the townships of Dawnshadow, Ash and the fortress of Blackspire.

The second great power of the Freehold is based in Wanderlust, the city build on the back of Great Anduinn, the tireless wanderer. Here the alliance between House DeSanto and the Conservator Cabal provide the alliance with a score of talented diplomats and eager scouts/archeologists. The city itself houses the Assembly, an ancient amphitheatre repurposed to serve as the meeting place for the Council of the Free Voices. It is also in this city that the Maiden has her residence.

Wanderlust's main most important vassals are the Pirate Princes of Four Fingers, who control the rich delta to the south of that city. This region provides a large portion of the food consumed in the two cities now that the fertile plains near Glimmerbay have fallen to the Realm

Faces of the Freehold

The Maiden of the White Rampart

The Freehold

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