The Bay of Forgotten Ash

Situated in the south of Creation and on the outskirts of the sphere of influence radiating from the Blessed Isle, the Bay of Forgotten Ash is a region rich in minerals, culture and strife.

Brief Historic Overview

Settled during the lost shogunate period, it fell in ruin during the great contagion. Only recently visited again by the Dynasts, they found that the area had bloomed once more during its period of isolation. A plethora of small city-states and nations had formed over the years, and through trade and conflict they bickered and flourished.

With hearts filled with greed and eyes turned to glory, the Houses decided it was time to reclaim this wayward realm in the name of the Scarlet Throne. From the Blessed Isles, general Sesus Jin, Father of Ore and Ivory, set forth with two full legions and fell upon the inhabitants of the Bay.  Fractured by internal strife, the locals could not withstand the might of the legions, and fell one after the other. IOnly a year after the conflict had begun, the grand city of Glimmerbay fell beneath the heel of the Dragons, and it became the seat of the local Satrapy. And then, tragedy struck two-fold for the Princes of the Earth. A monstrous storm devoured and scattered the Legion sent to reinforce their depleted reserves, and at the same time, the remaining nations and cities united under the banner of the Freehold. Presented with a unified front under the leadership of Gloomlight and Wanderlust, the forces of the Realm halted their advance and retreated to their new Stronghold.

Open hostilities died down and a tense peace enveloped the region, as both parties made careful overtures. But the trade is but a front for the gathering of information on both sides, and beneath the surface anger and ambition still simmer, ready to boil over once more.

All remained quiet for a time. And then the rumours about the disappearance of the Scarlet Empress reached this corner of the Threshold, and the pot was stirred once more…

Geography and noteworthy locations

The three noteworthy cities of the region are Glimmerbay, Gloomlight and Wanderlust

The Bay of Forgotten Ash

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