Realm Invasion

In the year before the disappearance of the Scarlet Empress, Sesus Jin embarked on an expedition to the south, towards the Bay of Forgotten Ash . The expedition was composed of two full Legions, hardened in conflicts across the Threshold, a sizeable navy and the necessary logistical support staff and train.

Their arrival in the Bay shook the region to its very core. Unfamiliar with warfare at a grand scale, the local forces were beaten soundly and swiftly by the experienced legionnaires. Before any sizeable force was raised again, the Dynasts sieged the city of Glimmerbay, the then pearl of the Bay. After a gruelling year, the city fell when Jin took the field himself and shattered the main gate with a mighty swing from his glaive, allowing his forces entrance into the soft underbelly of the city.

Horrified by the fall of the giant, the cities and nations of the Bay rallied under the banner of the newly-formed Freehold under the leadership of the enigmatic Maiden of the White Rampart. The formation of this alliance coincided with several great storms. It was these storms that ravaged the Realm supply train, stranding them in the region and turning the dream of a swift conquest in just that.

Unable to continue without rebuilding their fleet, the forces of the Realm rebuild Glimmerbay and settled in the area, heralding the period of tense and uneasy peace…

Realm Invasion

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