Grand Twilight Archives

An organisation of libraries of various sizes mainly situated in Gloomlight, with some establishments in other mayor cities such as Wanderlust and Glimmerbay.

Whether it was a stroke of pure genius, or the desperation of a (wo)man trying to escape his debtors, it is not known, but the founder of the original Twilight Archives, located in Gloomlight, confronted with a floundering business, took his book-loving business in a bold, new direction. Overnight, the stuffy old library transformed into a luxurious house of pleasure, selling delights for the flesh as well as the mind.

While it might have been seen as madness at the time, the move paid off, immensely. Soon, (s)he had enough money to open a second establishment, and then a third, a fourth and so on…

When the Realm invaded the bay, they were astonished to find that most of the peasants were in fact, literate, and surprisingly knowledgeable on the subjects such as the works of the great writers. It is said that even the lowliest drunk in Gloomlight can hold his own in a debate on the merits and nuances of the great poet Sesus Han, especially her saucier works.


In their manifesto, the Grand Twilight Archives  outline three major goals

1. To preserve all knowledge, old and new, that is gathered by the Archives

2. To educate the people of the bay and increase the rate of literacy

3. To (re)discover and record knowledge  lost or unfound. 


The Grand Twilight Archives influence is subtle, but far-reaching. In addition to their numerous chapter-houses in most major towns and cities, they also maintain good relations with House DeSanto, a mutual working relation with the Conservator Cabal and through their Librarians operating at various clerical posts, influence in many organizations.

The Archives had, up until recently, a cordial relation with the House of Ashwreath, but have since been ousted from the court over disagreements with the Speakers for Dawn

Internal Organization

To the outsiders, there are 4 ranks attainable in archives:

Neophyte: The rank one enters the organization at. The most numerous group, 

Librarian: The title for a neophyte that has passed all the test including the final one of making a meaningful contribution to the vault of knowledge.

Senior Librarian: A librarian that is responsible for a chapter-house of the Archives

Chief Librarian: The senior Librarian of Gloomlight

Those Neophytes who are close to achieving the rank of Librarian learn more about the organization learn more. They are sworn to an oath of secrecy before they do though, so this knowledge about the inner workings of the archive is scarce.

The Archives is organized in three subdivisions, with each Librarian belonging to one subdivision. Each subdivision has its own leader, and together they form the Triumvirate and lead the archives.

The subdivisions

The Orange Lamp: Responsible for the education and day to day running of the Archives and by far the most populated. The head of the division is the Chief Librarian of Gloomlight.

The Silver Wheel: Responsible for preservation of knowledge and maintaining good relations with the numerous powers of Bay. It's leader holds the title of He Who Whatches The Shore. 

The Violet Shadow: Responsible for the finding and retrieval of knowledge, as well as all issues requiring a more direct approach. The most secretive and least numerous branch. Led by She Who Pierces The Veil (title).

Each subdivision has its own sigil, and membership to one is denoted by a piece of jewelry that evokes this signal, given upon graduation from Neophyte to Librarian. Each of the three leaders has their own unique variant of their divisions sigil, a more elaborate piece of the base version. 

Grand Twilight Archives

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