Politics and social energy

The city-state of Gloomlight, one of the three jewels of the bay has long been the under the sway of House Ashwreath and its various noble sycophants. Politcally, the royals wield both absolute legislative and executive power, but generally choose to take a more distant approach, cutting up the responsibilities of government and doling them out to those who support them. Or revoke them when they proof a threat or fail in providing proper tribute and deference.

The state religion of Gloomlight is the Sun-worship of Dawn, a religion practiced by the societies upper crust and with strong ties to the throne. While the Immaculate faith has found some fertile ground, particularly with the commoners, its practice is quietly discouraged, sometimes even by force.

The locals of Gloomlight are sometimes a mystery to foreigners, as they sometimes switch between gloomy, morose views moods and outlooks, and abundant festivities and other merrymaking. A strange mix of optimism and fatalism flows through their veins, influenced by the loose stranglehold held on them by both the ruling class and their own island. At times, the danger is distant and control is light, at other times, a curfew is in place as deadly beasts roam the streets and battle local militia and hunter alike.

Layout and look

The city of Gloomlight is build amidst a series of gently rolling hills. It is connected to the sea by two canals, Dawnbreak and Dustfall. These canals  were originally small, winding rivers, and have now been dug out to be deep enough to let all but the largest ships dock at Gloomlight.

The city is roughly organized into 4 different districts:

The Docks, the commercial heart of the city, where the artisans, crafts(wo)men and merchants mingle.  The docks are a chaotic jumble of warehouses and market stalls,  the air heavy with spices and wood preservation oils.

The Scarlet Walkway, home to the most extensive Chapterhouse of the Grand Twilight Archives, and the place were all exotic delights are available, for the right price. The walkway is the social artery of Gloomlight,  it snakes through the city, its sides filled with coffee houses an small restaurants. Terraces of all kind offer opportunities for drink and rest in the shade of the palm trees that line the road. Where the walkway passes through the richer neighbourhoods, fine tailors, purveyors of exotic finery and other fine shops can be found.

The Sunrise palace is a district unto its own, home to the Ashwreaths and their servants, the opulent manors of the scions of the family are built in a circle along Lake Sunrise, and are shrouded in a meticulously maintained slice of rainforest.

The Understories, or bogs, as they're sometimes called, house the large majority of Gloomlights population. Depending on the wealth of its inhabitants, these distracts can look anything from a nicely laid out and maintained park, to a thicket where the distinction between housing and vegetation is almost impossible to make.

Economy and military

Gloomlights major exports are jungle wood, fine jewelry, tropical fruits, librarians and spices. It mainly imports grain, stone and metals. Most of the bulk export and import is in the hands of the nobility, with House Ashwreath giving out the privileges and the quotas for the jungle wood, something the local nobles fiercely contend over. Most high-end artisans have patrons or organizations in Wanderlust and Glimmerbay, and sell the rest of their stock locally.

Gloomlights military is squarely in the hands of the Ashwreaths, with the core of it's forces being compromised of the Tireless led by Noble officers and supported by state ritualists.

Commissions for the officers are doled out as loyalty rewards as often as personal merit, as the Queen plays out her rivals against each other, while keeping her ritualists loyal to her line only.

Locations of interest

Sunrise palace

A Dissertation on Passion, Twilight Archives chapterhouse

Lake Sunrise

Scarlet Walkway