Politics and social energy

Glimmerbay is currently firmly in the hands of the invading Realm legions and currently the seat of the satrap.  The old ruling body, the Council of Satin and Silk still governs the day to day dealings of the city, but the councillors of old have been purged by the realm and replaced with symphatizers of the occupation.

Due to the worship and stewardship of Resplendent Kailas, most citizens and inhabitants of the city are at least outwardly deeply religious. The Immaculates found fertile ground here and over the past 5 years Glimmerbay has evolved to be the bastion of their faith.

Social life and standing in Glimmerbay is dependent on one's or one's families wealth. The rich merchant princes and princesses make up the stratosphere of the social hierarchies, followed by a middle class of merchants, priests, professional officers and scholars. Craftsmen and women, artists and artisans are usually grouped together with the common dockhands, labourers and farmers, living a though life unless they have a wealthy patron backing their work.

When the Realm conquered Glimmerbay, they left most of the existing organizations and hierarchies in place, filling positions with symphatizers and Dynasts.

Layout and look

Glimmerbay is a tiered and walled harbour city, bisected by the Jade River  and sprawling across the bay that shares its name. The city itself is divided in multiple, raised tiers, with the height of a district directly correlating to the wealth of its inhabitants.  The city is roughly divided in the lower tiers, middle tiers and upper tiers.

The majority of the Upper Tiers are claimed by the vast and sprawling estates of the council member, with beautiful gardens  and opulent mansions made of marble and gloomwood. providing a feast for the eyes. The Temple district is also located in the upper tiers, with the grand temple of Kailas now housing the Immaculate Abbey. 

The middle and lower tier districts are compromised out of twisting mazes of alleyways,  picturesque small squares  and sandstone housing. A forking delta of larger roads stretches out from the warehouses of the middle tiers to the docks in the lower tiers. 

Most inn-houses, taverns and brothels are clustered close to the various docks. Deeper into the city, the commercial activity is centered around the open markets and stalls of each main square.  Craftspeople work in large communal buildings in their districts.

Economy and military

Historically, Glimmerbays main exports were grain, iron and clothing and tapestries of all kind, mainly trading with it's sister cities of Wanderlust and Gloomlight.  The grain came from the floodplains of the Jade River, and the ore from the hills and mountains near the Duskruins . Since the arrival of the Realm, the flow of grain and ore have been redirected into the maintenance and rebuilding of Satrap's Legions. 

Under the fragile peace between the Freehold and the Realm, trade has been slowly picking up again, and Glimmerbay is once again importing wool, hide and fibers and producing its famed tapestries.

Glimmerbay's old military organization has been largely abandoned in favour of the military organziation of the Realm Legions.The emphasis moved  away from a combination of levies and professional mercenary units,  and more towards a professional, trained and paid army under the command of Dragonblooded officers.

Locations of interest

Jade Dockyards, Lower tiers

Pearl Dockyards, Lower tiers

Scarlet District, Lower tiers

Sunstone Market, Middle tiers

Peerless Barracks, Middle tiers

Resplendent Temple, Upper tiers

Chi Family Estates, Upper tiers