Eye of Tranquility

The Island

The waters around the island are encircled by the Infinity Roil on all sides. The island itself is hilly and mostly covered in trees. A small inlet harbours a pier on a rocky beach. 

The Manse

Kyrad found a abandoned Manse and claimed it his own. The Manse is found at the hearth of the isle,  with a solitary road leading to the sheltered inlet and pier.


The Manse itself is a collection of three buildings around a paved circular plaza. 

The northern building is a sprawling, single story collections of rooms. It is home to several living quarters, the kitchen, a small library filled with preserved scrolls, and an adjoined hot spring. Most rooms are well-preserved. A build-up of dust is still present some of the smaller bedrooms.  Several rooms appear to have some undefined functionality. The hot-spring is hooked into a still functional system and provides warm water to several rooms. It appears to run on the Manse's essence. The main hall and library both connect to the map room.

The South-eastern building is a small-scale dojo complex in serious disrepair. It is in the process of being rebuild. Notable places and rooms are the armoury, the inside practice hall, the outside practice area filled with several obstacles.

The South-western building is large and rectangular with a high ceiling. It's a single room roughly divided in three parts by screens (the originals had rotten away and have been replaced).  The largest area seems to have been used as storage, and a mix of rotten timber, unrefined ores and other raw materials were found during the initial exploration. The second part is home to a forge and smithy. The forge appears to have been powered by the manse in some capacity, as it lies dormant now. The final part looks like it was a workshop and atelier, with many different workbenches, tool racks and drawing boards. Most of the tools and supplies have rotten away here as well.

The plaza is paved with white stone and adorned with several stone pillars inscribed with intricate calligraphy. The pillars stand waist-high and have a depression into which a stone can be inserted.

The map room

This room houses an intricate and finally detailed map of the Bay. It reacts to the presence of a Solar Exalted, lighting up a glowing sigil on the table. Touching the sigil and pouring essence into it makes the map come alive in golden light, highlighting several points of interest on the map. Most prominent amongst these points are the several spires of the bay, whose shining representations rise up from the map, towering over all the other points.

From the adjoined library, several scrolls have been identified that talk about using the map. Collectively, they refer to themselve as the Spiral Codex.

Eye of Tranquility

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