Conservator Cabal

The Conservator Cabal, or, as they are officially known, the Wanderlust Conservation and Retrieval Guild is an organization dedicated to the finding and preserving of artifacts found accross bay. They're headquartered in the Bay History Museum in the city of Wanderlust, and have offices in all of the mayor cities.

A popular, but risky source of employment for both peasants and the more affluent alike, the Conservators main activity is organizing expeditions into the various ruins found in the bay. All objects of import found are transferred back to the Museum.

The rumour goes that the conservators are particularly avid to get their hands on any artifact, even if it currently has a wielder, and they have been known to strike deals and provide aid in exchange for custody over such precious objects. It is even said that the Cabal loans out some of its collection to the Free Force on the condition that they get access to any spoils of the conflict.

Faces of the Conservator Cabal

Onyx Sundering Master

Undefeated Scarab of the Sad Sky

Conservator Cabal

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