Ashen Panoply

Below is a rough compilation of the wondrous weapons, armour, trinket and hearthstones that are rumoured to be present in the bay.


Green Dawn Roaring, Green Jade Daiklave

Irrefutable Argument, Orichalcum Smashfists

Sixfold Declaration of Animosity, Orichalcum Flamepiece

Deep Leviathan's Call, Black Jade Grand Grimcleaver

Stormcaller, Orichalchium Reaper Daiklave

Dragonslayer's Edict, Orichalcum Grand Daiklave

Heavenly Decree, White Jade and Starmetal Direglaive

Wavecutter, Black Jade Grand Daiklave

Nightbane, Black Jade Reaper Daiklave

Companion, Orichalcum Wrackstaff

Frost-thorn Knuckles, Moonsilver Razor Claws

Tusk of Galaech-Ma, Moonsilver Direlance


Fire's Embrace, Red Jade Articulated Plate

Thundergod's Raiment, Blue Jade Breastplate

Codex Ardens Invictorum, White Jade and Moonsilver Articulated Plate

Freedom In Eight Directions, Moonsilver Lamellar Armour


Flash Rings

Wondrous Substances

Dreamwalker Dust

Ashen Panoply

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