Sesus Jin, Father of Ore and Ivory

The ruler of Glimmerbay and the extention of the Scarlet Empress' will in this region


General Sesus Jin, who received the title of Father of Ore and Ivory for his accomplishments in warfare and forgery, is the current Satrap of Glimmerbay. Appointed by the Empress to reclaim The Bay of Forgotten Ash in her name, he came to the region backed by two full imperial legions and his own inner circle. While the conquest may have stalled these past years, the fire of ambition still burns in Jin’s heart.


Sesus Jin is a small, stocky man, with his hair cut military short and always wearing at least some kind of armour. He looks like a slab of pure muscle, with every inch of fat trimmed away and his fiery red hair and smouldering eyes hint at both his hot demeanor as well as the source of his power and nobility.

On formal occassions, he wears a modest and plain tunic and a single pauldron. A set of short red jade daiklaves are strapped to his waist.

On informal occassions, he walks around bare chested, a simple skirt and sash from which both daiklaves hang.

When the call to war sounds, Sesus Jin strides into battle atop his magnificent destrier, Bonesnapper, wielding the White Jade and Starmetal Direglaive, Heavenly Decree and clad in Fire’s Embrace, a set of Red Jade plate armour he himself has forged.


Sesus Jin is brash, loud and as subtle as a smiths hammer. A military man through and through, he prefers the simpler pleasures in life, food, battle and the evening company of men and women alike. He has little patience for the finer points of diplomacy and negotiation, and his flaring temper has crashed many peaceful meeting. A horrible administrator, he has left the day-to day dealings of Glimmerbay in the hands of his underlings, preferring to spend his time planning his military campaign, training and enjoying the benefits of his station.


Sesus Jin is a seasoned Prince of the Earth who has spend over a century of his life dedicated to martial pursuits. He is a master of blade and glaive, an accomplished tactician and a superlative general. When he leads, he leads by example, and his men and women are fiercely loyal to the general, whose raw magnetism and greatness inpsires them to go beyond their limit. While his temperament is hot and rash, age and experience have tempered his arrogance with wisdom and guile. The general knows that, despite his considerable personal prowess and pride, there is no shame in calling upon assitance when faced with great opposition.


Over the years, he has carefully build up his inner circle of retainers, to either make up for his own shortcomings, or to extend his influence and presence beyond what he personally is capable. Most of these are family, and a few friends of the family.

Below are his most prominent allies:

Abbess Loving Mother of Heavenly Cerulean, the local leader of the Immaculate monks, a Water-Aspected terrestrial and older sister of Mountain Bears The Burden

Sesus Lai, Unfettered Sky, oldest daughter to Jin, kissed by the currents of air and his chief tactician.

Tepet Vidanya, known as Mountain Bears The Burden, old friend, battle-brother and sometimes lover of Sesus Jin. His bodyguard in all but name, he rarely leaves Jin’s side. Stoic as the mountains from which he draws his power.

Sesus Novia, Jubilant Phoenix, the youngest cousin to Jin and personal protegĂ© of the general. Her temper is almost as legendary as her uncle’s and he has recently given her her first command in the hope that she might acquire some experience and wisdom in her duties.

Sesus Jin, Father of Ore and Ivory

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