Kyrad, the Wanderer

Wandering Stick Fighting Savant that proclaims to fight for the greater good of the Bay


I – Ship: “The Blue Horizon”

- Crew of 7-10 loyal sailors (William is the quartermaster of the ship)

II – Organisation: “The Eudaimonia, White Robes of Benevolence”

This order was established by Kyrad to carry his life’s work (including his teachings and those of his Siffu) out across the Bay. The order is still in its infancy and is led by Kyrad’s previous first mate. The current objective is to grow but avoid too much unwanted attention (especially with regards to their training location, the Isle of Tranquility). They walk around in white robes with a grey hood. The color of seams used for the inside of their hood signals the rank the specific member holds in the organisation

A – Teachings

1) First Tenant: “Brotherhood is the very price and condition of man’s survival”
2) Second Tenant: " It is the greatest good to the greatest number of people which is the measure of right and wrong.”
3) Third Tenant: "It is impossible to live a pleasant life without living wisely and honorably and justly, and it is impossible to live wisely and honorably and justly without living pleasantly

Teaching objectives for the soul and mind: Critical thinking and reason, medicinal knowledge, inner calm and enlightenment.

Teaching objectives for the body and abilities: Wrack staff fighting and being fluent in the many different languages of the bay & stick fighting skills

Secondary: Inner calm and enlightenment; and more bay languages

B – Ranks

The structure of the order is hierarchical in a sense that there are 6 ‘ranks’ to go through (applicant ,recruit, apprentice, seeker, master, grand master).

Grand Master Head of a chapter (I.e., training facility) of the order. These members have a completely blue coat and a silver edged insignia on their right shoulder, resembling their chapter. Currently only Kyrad’s previous first mate carries this rank and she wears the emblem of the Island.

Master An embodiment of the teachings of the order. These members are experienced healers and wise man/women, who pose a severe threat to the unprepared gang of thugs praying on the weak. The inside of their hoods is a light blue color with silver markings.

Seeker An apprentice that is on his/her journey through the Bay to aid those in need. These people are in their final stretches to become fully realized members of the order. Their journey often takes months and in the end they are required to bring forth two new applicants who they have taught the teachings of the order by themselves. These individuals can be recognized by the dark blue on the insight of their hoods. If one deems himself ready, he can apply for a final test from the Grand Master. (when there are more facilities; the this will have to be from the GM of a different facility)

Apprentice These are recruits that have finished training at the Isle of Tranquility, but are not ready yet to go on missions alone. They request to accompany a master on his travels, to learn from him and hone her own skills. Their hoods are white on the inside.

Recruit These are students who are still in training at the Isle and applicants still have to pass the entry tests before they are allowed to begin their training. In order to graduate from the school a student has to receive backing from two other recruits in order to apply for a graduation challenge given by the current Grand Master. Their hoods are grey on the inside.

Applicant: In order to apply to the school an interested individual has to be put forward by a master. In that case the promoting master will bring the applicant to the school, where the student has two weeks to win the support of another master that is currently present. The way to win their support is by convincing them of your fair intentions through questioning / combat / full disclosure of motives and previous history etc. From the point they become recruits they receive their robe and can start making their own staff.

C – Projects (Short Term)

- Repair the Dojo on Tranquility Isle
- Recruit in ash
- Establish political contacts

D – Projects (Long Term)

- Grow in influence to become the third power in The Council of Free voices
- Provide security to the people on the axis Glimmerbay, Dragon Scale and Four fingers
- Provide health to those same villages

Kyrad, the Wanderer

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