Kyrad, the Wanderer

Wise old man sailor who relies heavily on his spirit companions and his skill as White Reaper.


Kyrad spend most of his life at sea, always driven to the most remote places his cutter could bring him and his crew. When he stopped in fishing villages or small ports, he used his medical skills and knowledge of the local lore and the occult to help out the locals, who would in return provide him with supplies for his next expedition.

Project 1 – Establishing the Order of ….

Subproject A.

Kyrad is on the look out for skilled healers and wise teachers from all walks of life who would be willing to join him
in establishing a bastion of knowledge and learning on the Isle of Tranquility. This school would then become the
proverbial stam of the // insert order name here// -tree spreading out all over the bay, healing the sick
and protecting the innocent.

Subproject B.

While he is recruiting teachers and wise men to who his (and his Sifu’s teachings) ring true, he is also on the look
out for young potential that could be nurtured into becoming the strong branches of this new order.

Kyrad, the Wanderer

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