Resplendent Kailas, The Iridescent Benefactor

The god of Glimmerbay, bowed by the immaculates


The God of the city of Glimmerbay. Once a minor local god of Commerce, they rose to prominence when theyextended his patronage to the city that became the jewel of the bay.

Once powerful political player who regularly interfered in the daily running of their city, his influence now is heavily diminished under Immaculate supervision.

Kailas often manifests as a tall human with four arms and the head of an Ibis. They are dressed in finely woven tapestry evoking scenes of trade and commerce, and each hand holds one of his four sacred tools: the feathered pen, the scale and weights, the ledger and the gavel, representing the importance of writing, measuring, counting and the law.


Resplendent Kailas, The Iridescent Benefactor

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