Jubilant Phoenix

Sesus Novia, fiery protegé of the Satrap and commander of the Red Talons





Combination Techniques

Three-Headed Dragon Combination Technique I

A fire-circled ring with slippery ice in the middle. Dancer runs the circle, tracing the ring (or other shape) with his spear. Pheonix breathes fire into the wring and Carp fires and ice-enhanced arrow into the middle

Three-Headed Dragon Combination Technique II: Vanquishers dance in Harmony

Carp imbues Dancer with lingering strands of frost, Dancer imbues Phoenix with wind, speeding her up and Phoenix imbues Carp with protecting flames

Three-Headed Dragon Combination Technique III: Phoenix Cannon

Carp creates a frozen slide (using natural terrain and height advantages if possible), Pheonix in front, Dancer behind her slide down, picking up speed and launching both of them. In mid-air, Dancer catapults phoenix forward using their spear, sending her spinning at the target


Fire aspected Dragonblooded officer
Niece of Sesus Jin.
Fights with her bare (fire-wreathed) hands
Commander of the Red Talons
The Spark of Ambition
Practicioner of Tiger Style

Jubilant Phoenix

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