Jubilant Phoenix

Sesus Novia, fiery protegé of the Satrap and commander of the Red Talons



Minor Tie(Protectiveness) Candy
Minor Tie(Lustful interest) Candy


Essence: 2; Willpower: 7; Join Battle: 7 dice (+ 5 for 5m)
Personal Motes: 13; Peripheral Motes: 31
Health Levels: -0/-1×4/-2×4/-4/Incap.

Actions: Commanding Soldiers: 9 dice (+ 4 for 4m);
Feats of Strength: 7 dice (+ 4 for 4m, may attempt Strength 3 feats);
Read Intentions: 6 dice (+ 2 for 2m);
Senses: 5 dice (+ 2 for 2m);
Social Influence: 7 dice (+ 4 for 4m)
Appearance 3, Resolve 3 (+ 1 for 2m)
Guile 4 (+ 2 for 4m)
Attack (Unarmed Martial Arts): 13 dice (+ 5 for 5m; damage 11)
Attack (Grapple): 8 dice (+ 4 for 4m; 9 dice to control, + 4 for 4m)
Combat Movement: 7 dice (+ 2 for 2m)
Evasion 4, Parry 5 (+ 3 for 6m)
Soak/Hardness: 6/0 (Chain shirt)


Offensive DB charms

Fiery Blade Attack
(3m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; One scene):
Ignite a bonfire (p. 230) around an enemy upon successfully landing a decisive attack. She must disengage to move out of the fire even if no opponents are in close range (difficulty of Dragon-Blooded’s Essence) and subtracts two successes from her roll. The fires burn until the enemy moves out of them.

Offensive Techniques – Snake

Striking Cobra Technique
(3m; Supplemental; Dual;Instant)
The snake claims its victory not by striking hardest, but
by striking first. Against an enemy with lower Initiative
or who hasn’t taken their turn yet this round, Striking
Cobra Technique adds the martial artist’s Dexterity to the
raw damage of a withering attack, or one die to the raw
damage of a decisive attack. Against enemies in Initiative
Crash, the withering damage boost is added after soak,
while the decisive damage boost is converted to an
automatic success.

Armor-Penetrating Fang Strike
(5m, 1wp; Supplemental; Dual, Terrestrial; Instant)
Essence hardens the Snake stylist’s fingers into fangs
capable of piercing through steel. The Armor-Penetrating
Fang Strike allows a withering attack to ignore all of an
enemy’s soak from armor, or a decisive attack to ignore
(higher of Essence or 3) hardness.

Terrestrial: A Dragon-Blood may only use this Charm
once per scene, unless she resets it by dealing 3+ levels of
damage with a Snake style decisive attack and then builds
back up to Initiative 12+.

Offensive Techniques – Tiger

Crimson Leaping Cat Technique
(4m; Supplemental; Uniform; Instant)
Moving with the speed and agility of a leaping tiger, the
martial artist closes the distance to her prey. Crimson
Leaping Cat Technique steals a point of Initiative from
an enemy upon successfully rushing him. If the martial
artist makes an attack against that enemy before the end
of the next round, any extra successes on the rush are
added as bonus dice to her attack roll.

Striking Fury Claws
(6m; Supplemental; Withering-only; Instant)
Rigorous training, intense discipline, and the suffusing
Essence of the tiger gives the martial artist’s claw strikes
the force to rend flesh and disembowel fallen enemies,
making her a bare-handed killer. Striking Fury Claws
converts up to (Strength) extra successes that would be
added to the raw damage of a withering attack to postsoak dice of damage instead. Against an enemy who took
a disengage or withdraw action on his last turn, these
post-soak dice are instead converted to successes added
to the damage roll.

Raging Tiger Pounce
(4m; Supplemental; Uniform;Instant)
A downward claw strike shatters the pillar of an enemy’s
balance, sending him sprawling to the ground—exactly
where the martial artist wants him. An enemy damaged
by the Raging Tiger Pounce is knocked prone. As long as
he remains in close range to the martial artist, he must
pay two points of Initiative to take a rise from prone action.
The martial artist gains these points of Initiative if she
has Tiger Form active.

Defensive DB Charms

Impervious Skin of Stone
(4m; Reflexive; Instant): Add + 6 soak against a withering attack, or convert up to five lethal decisive damage to bashing.

Defensive Techniques – Snake

Serpentine Evasion
(2m; Reflexive; Uniform;Instant)
Ducking and weaving, the snake confounds predators’
attempts at violence. Serpentine Evasion adds +1 to the
martial artist’s Evasion against a single attack. If the attack
is made after the martial artist has already taken her turn
that round, she may declare this Charm after the attack
has already been rolled—enemies who cannot even keep
pace with her in battle have no hope of striking her.

Defensive Techniques – Tiger

Celestial Tiger Hide
(5m; Reflexive;Terrestrial;One scene)
Essence strengthens the martial artist’s skin, suffusing
it with the toughness of a tiger’s hide. Celestial Tiger Hide
adds the martial artist’s Strength to her natural soak,
and grants her Hardness equal to her Essence. She adds
+ 2 to both values against attacks made from long or
extreme range.


Snake Form
(8m;Simple; Form; One scene)
The martial artist steps back into the posture of a wary
snake—head back, ready to attack or retreat. Her motions
become sinuous and hypnotic, as mesmerizing as they are
deadly. Enemies are entranced by this posture, taking a -1
penalty on all attack rolls against her—which increases to
a -3 penalty if their Initiative rating is lower than the
martial artist’s. In addition, this flexible pose makes it
easier to roll with attacks and thus minimize their impact,
adding the stylist’s Dexterity rating to her soak.

Special activation rules: Whenever the martial artist
makes a withering attack which lowers an enemy’s current
Initiative value from greater than her own to less than her
own, she may reflexively activate Snake Form.

Tiger Form
(10m; Form, Terrestrial; One scene)
Dropped into the crouched, predatory pose of a tiger
preparing to pounce, the martial artist’s Essence comes
to embody the pinnacle of predatory grace. Her fingers
seem like claws as they move through their strikes,
and her eyes narrow to cat-like slits. While Tiger Form
is active, the martial artist may double up to (Strength)
extra successes when calculating the raw damage of
withering attacks, and takes no penalties for fighting
while prone.

She also adds (Essence) dice to rush actions and all rolls
to contest a disengage. She gains any Initiative spent
by an enemy attempting to disengage from within range
of him.

Special activation rules: Whenever the martial artist
lands a decisive attack that deals 3+ levels of damage, she
may reflexively activate Tiger Form.

Terrestrial: A Dragon-Blood may double up to the lowest
of Strength, Dexterity, and Wits extra successes when
calculating the raw damage of withering attacks

Combination Techniques

Three-Headed Dragon Combination Technique I

A fire-circled ring with slippery ice in the middle. Dancer runs the circle, tracing the ring (or other shape) with his spear. Phoenix breathes fire into the wring and Carp fires and ice-enhanced arrow into the middle

Three-Headed Dragon Combination Technique II: Vanquishers dance in Harmony

Carp imbues Dancer with lingering strands of frost, Dancer imbues Phoenix with wind, speeding her up and Phoenix imbues Carp with protecting flames

Three-Headed Dragon Combination Technique III: Phoenix Cannon

Carp creates a frozen slide (using natural terrain and height advantages if possible), Pheonix in front, Dancer behind her slide down, picking up speed and launching both of them. In mid-air, Dancer catapults phoenix forward using their spear, sending her spinning at the target


Fire aspected Dragonblooded officer
Niece of Sesus Jin.
Fights with her bare (fire-wreathed) hands in Snake and Tiger style
Commander of the Red Talons
The Spark of Ambition
Practicioner of Tiger & Snake Style

Appearance: Short, muscled, cropped red hair, wild eyes
Clothes: Bare arms, leather armour, lots of straps
Anima cue: Steam rising from muscles
Personality: adventurous
Quote: Now you got me fired up!

Character portrait is from http://www.tigressqueen.com/

Jubilant Phoenix

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